Sunflower Oil




Main requirements Sunflower Oil is manufactured according to a process that should confer to the finished product the following specifications:

Sunflower-OilSpecifications ;

Organoleptic Neutral/bland taste; absence of foreign odours and flavours

Moisture and volatile matter 0.2% maximum

Insoluble impurities 0.05% maximum

Free fatty acid 0.15% maximum expressed as oleic acid

Linoleic acid (C18:2) 48.3-74% of total fatty acids

Delta-7-Stigmasterol 6.5-24 % of total sterol Acid value 0.6 mg maximum of KOH/g oil Color 5-1/4 inch Lovibond cell Red: 1.5 maximum Yellow: 15 maximum

Soap content 0.005% maximum Peroxide number 2 milliequivalents maximum of active oxygen per kg oil Saponification value 188-194 mg KOH/g oil Iodine value 118– 141 g / 100g oil Unsaponifiable matter 1.5% maximum Refractive index (ND 40 o C) 1.461 – 1.468

Relative density (20o C /water at 20°C) 0.918 – 0.923 Authorized additives -Butylated hydroxyanisol -Butylated Hydroxytoluene - 175 mg/kg maximum - 75 mg/kg maximum Vitamin A 24000– 36000 UI per kg oil Vitamin D 2400 – 3600 UI per kg oil 3 /5 4.2

Additional Requirements Sunflower Oil shall meet the following additional requirements: Shelf life: it shall retain above qualities for at least one year from date of manufacture when stored dry at ambient temperatures prevalent in the country of destination

Safety: it shall be free from objectionable matter; not contain any substances originating from micro-organisms or any other poisonous or deleterious substances such as anti-nutritional factors, heavy metals or pesticide residues, in amounts which may represent a hazard to health.

Heavy metals ƒ Lead (Pb) Max 0.1 ppm ƒ Arsenic (As) Max 0.1 ppm ƒ Iron (Fe) Max 1.5 ppm ƒ Cooper (Cu) Max 0.1 ppm o Polycyclic Adromatic Hydrocarbures (PAH) ƒ PAH heavy Max 5 ppb ƒ PAH total Max 25 ppb ƒ Benzo(a)pyrene Max 2 ppb o Free from radioactivity

The specifications herein stated can be changed according the buyer's request.